Friday, March 26, 2010

Archaeological dig

the pack go archaeological dig to mud flats. me human pack member have delusion they find some ancient indian artifacts there so we keep going back.

even though we get shot by rednecks. and get attacked by herd of bigfoot.

dre have fun anyway with bella while me human slaves dig holes.

finally them find something!

ancient arrowhead! from the redneck tribe.

near by we find this. after much discussion with me academic colleagues,
we conclude this was used as drinking vessel
for some kind of ceremonial ritual by the rednecks.
from the hieroglyph on the side, we can tell that it was probably ceremony to honor stone and light.

finally! bones!

caveman bones?

oh! bigfoot siting! can you see him?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thaank you Dip Dip, Bridge & Elliot!!!

Dre get present from Dip Dip, Bridge and Elliot!
no way! dre says. this too cool.
they make their human slave work day and night for me bandanna.
Dre look like gangsta now.


next day we go for walk. show off me new fabulous bandanna.

bird! bird!!!!BIRD!!!!!!!!!

gotta get me some of that eau de canada geese.
YES! so fresh! so green and still warm.


at the oscar party. with me girl bella. me is like brad pitt.
so handsome!!!

THANK YOU dip, bridge and elliot!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

“Dead Man’s Dog Killed To Go With Him To Grave”

some of you might have already heard on the news...

from Arkansas news:

Before Donald Ellis was buried last week at Oakland Cemetery in Monticello, his healthy 2-year-old Yorkie was euthanized and put to rest alongside him.

what's this craziness? let's discuss.